Inbound Marketing 101

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What is it? Coined in 2006 by HubSpot, inbound marketing refers to the methodology used in marketing designed to pull visitors and customers towards a business, as appose to outbound marketing which pushes a brand, product or service out into the market with the goal of generated leads and customers. The Process In digital marketing, […]

3 tips to succeed at working remotely

I love to travel, be outdoors as often as possible and like to get any work done as soon as it comes in,  so the concept and reality of remote work makes perfect sense to me. Many people thrive working remotely, whether that’s from home or on the road and are motivated by the freedom […]

In-house Marketing vs Using an Agency

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Your business is growing and you need to set your brand apart from all your competitors, which leaves you with a critical decision to make: Should you hire an in-house marketer to join your team or should you hire a marketing agency? Every burgeoning business, no matter how big or small, reaches the point where […]

What is social listening?

In order to build an effective social strategy you need knowledge about your audience and their behaviour. This is where social listening comes in.

4 Tips For Success When Working From Home

As part of social distancing, people have been asked to work from home where possible. Working from home can be tough when you’re in the same room for hours on end so we’ve put together a guide for surviving working from home – these tips and techniques are used by our team and we hope […]

‘Here For you’ – Snapchat’s New Mental Health Resource

Snapchat have launched a new feature called Here For You, that will provide “proactive in-app support to Snapchatters” who might be experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis or for people looking to educate themselves on the matter or to find ways to support friends.     Here For You will start to roll out […]

4 Reasons Why Video Content Is Important

20211021 113650 Image Matters 4 Reasons Why Video Content Is Important

Videos are now the most engaged form of content on social media, with 6 out of 10 people preferring to watch videos online instead of watching TV. We’ve made a list of the 4 most important reasons why you should be creating video content.   More brands are using video content In 2017, 63% businesses […]