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Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing offering combines our creative ingenuity with your technical expertise, to create and distribute meaningful and engaging content that will appeal to your target market. We leverage your know-how to position your brand as a thought leader and an industry expert, making you stand out from your competition.

Creating value through documenting, not just creating

By design, content marketing is not selling, it’s engaging with your audience to attract new customers, retain existing ones, raise brand awareness and influence behaviour. We specialise in working with you to create superior content that gets your target audience talking about your brand through the use of blogs, articles, social media posts, videos, infographics and more.

We don’t just create content out of thin air, in fact, we simply document your thoughts, industry knowledge and product/service expertise. We start off with planning and creating your ‘pillar’ content. This focuses on a regular professional video recording or a podcast that involves you and/or your employees discussing your product or industry, which we also transcribe into blogs. We then repurpose that one piece of content into dozens of smaller pieces of content ‘micro content’, contextual to the platforms that we distribute them to.

Content marketing builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Andrew Davis (NBC’s Today Show)

Thought leading, industry-related content

Nobody else understands your industry better than you and the times of sharing random articles is over. We work with you and your organisation to leverage your team’s expertise and produce industry leading content, which in turn will grow your audience and generate those qualified leads. We will make sure that you stand out from your competition. We will give your company a personality, and ensure that you are producing the best quality content for your audience.

Our Process

We get to know you, your company, your team and your know-how after which we plan your content strategy.

We work with your team to document your industry knowledge with ‘pillar’ content through the use of audio and video.

We create ‘micro’ content adapted to every social channel, ensuring you have content on a daily basis.

Overtime, we track and measure your social media activity and identify areas of improvement in your ongoing strategy.