4 reasons why Facebook is still the king of social media

With 2.80 billion monthly active users, which translates to 1.84 billion users visiting the social networking site on a daily basis, 17 years after they first launched, Facebook has successfully lived up to its goal, “to bring the world closer together”. And its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon.

Marketers and brands cannot ignore the incredible reach that Facebook has, and it would only be in everyone’s best interest to maximise the digital marketing opportunity it offers. Certainly, when it comes to social media, there is no other platform like it. Based on recent statistics from eMarketer, Facebook is the leading social platform, reaching 59% of social media users.

Since its creation, Facebook has ruled the world of social media, and it seems like there’s no stopping the giant. Though there are many strong competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and several others that are trying to compete, Facebook still stands strong among the competition.

Scrolling through Facebook, one could say, has become a way of life, which means potential customers are spending hours on the platform looking for new information, whether that’s social, news or product based

Facebook itself is a case in point when it comes to good digital marketing. Their staggering growth comes down to their ability to meet their users’ needs. It is constantly meeting and surpassing expectations and continues to evolve along with their users’ changing needs and interests. The multibillion-pound enterprise’s willingness to swiftly adapt to the latest trends is another reason why it reigns supreme.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be capitalising on the power of Facebook to market your brand:

1. It’s a business community

There are more than 200 million small businesses from all corners of the world using Facebook’s tools.

Brands increase their online presence tenfold by making use of Facebook Pages, to share basic information and share descriptions of their products and services. Via these pages, businesses can reach one of the world’s largest communities – networking, connecting and building an audience.

Facebook Business Pages, is the perfect and free opportunity to open the lines of communication to potential customers, increasing brand awareness and promoting what is on offer.

2.  It’s at everyone’s fingertips, all the time

The latest statistics from DataReportal show that users spend an average of 19,5 hours on the app each month. This not only reinforces that it’s the most popular social media platform, but more importantly, it shows the significant amount of time that potential customers are exposed to various brands on their feeds, amongst all the memes, reels and friendship posts.

The more time people spend being connected, the better the chances of them being exposed to advertisements and noteworthy posts.

3. It’s a marketer’s playground

Facebook is an ideal place to start your social media marketing efforts, regardless of the size of your business.  Almost all types of content can be shared on Facebook. Not only can you use the platform to reach out to your target audience, but you can use it to interact with customers and enhance your relationships.

Facebook advertising also allows you to use the information you have to refine marketing strategies and target your audience in a way that’s more cost effective and time-efficient.

4. It’s a journey of discovery

Numerous surveys have suggested that more than half of the people in them have used Facebook to actively look for products, with the majority of them discovering new products on the news feed, pages, and groups.

As Facebook continues to grow its audience, it is also becoming an important platform for discovery. Apart from socialising and sharing their daily activities, Users also spend a considerable amount of time researching and looking for inspiration.

Understanding what your customers are looking for can help to improve their chances of discovering your products or services and ultimately drive more sales. If you are outsourcing your marketing agency, like Image Matters, then they will definitely be using data generated from your business page already.

It’s safe to say that most – if not all – of your audience is using Facebook, and so are your competitors, so in order to stay ahead of the game you need to maximise all the opportunities Facebook offers and make sure you include it in your marketing strategy. 


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