4 reasons why you need to get your business online

Surprisingly, there are many micro business owners and sole traders that still believe that they can run a successful business from a Facebook page and grow it simply by word of mouth. Given the limited size of their business, the perception is that small businesses either don’t need to go online, or if they do, it will be an annoying and expensive hassle.

Latest data shows that almost 90% of consumers turn to the internet for more information about a product or service before purchasing it, and research by Statista has revealed that, “E-Commerce has grown up to 300% within the last few years and is expected to make 17.5% of global retail sales by the end of 2021”.

It might be obvious to most people, looking at the numbers, that having an online presence is imperative to running any kind of business, but for those small business owners who continue to hold fast to old fashioned beliefs, they will soon see themselves coming in last place in the rat race.

Here are 4 reasons why no self-respecting business can afford NOT to go online:

1.   Limitless reach

Although there are many potential customers on social media in need of your services/products, you are severely limiting your business to those who actually use social media to search for businesses and more importantly, to only those who are on social media. The rest are out there on the world wide web.

Having a website that is well designed and maintained, can reach a worldwide audience. Even if you prefer to only operate locally, then surely you would rather be in a position where you are turning business away than having to beg for it?

A successful business is a business that is constantly growing, and having an online presence not only enables you to connect to more and more customers, it also allows customers to have access to your businesses’ information even when you are unavailable.

2. Professional first & lasting impressions

Websites are the new calling cards and after seeing yours, customers will know in a matter of seconds if your business is worth engaging with or not.  Firstly, having a website conveys professionalism and lets customers know that you think your business is worth investing in and is in fact a serious contender in the industry. This also gives you an opportunity to get one up on your competition by making sure your website is more appealing, more user-friendly and more responsive than anyone else’s.

Secondly, brand awareness and consistency are imperative nowadays with so many businesses vying for customers’ attention. A website allows you to establish a recognisable look through your colours, logo and style, becoming familiar to customers, ultimately  encouraging them to associate your branding with your offerings.

3. Better customer care & engagement

 Going online enables you to provide your customers with the exact information they need and want, saving both parties a lot of unnecessary time going back and forth with simple queries about products and services. It also allows complex queries from customers to be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Similarly, with the use of surveys, live chats, blogs and other tools incorporated into your website, customer engagement can be drastically increased and let’s face it, when hundreds of businesses are trying to sell the same product, it’s your personal touch and constant connection that gives you that competitive edge.

4. Easy & affordable

By taking your business online with the help of an agency, you can still remain in control, but without the hassle of having to manage and maintain your website. The package Image Matters offers, provides not only a modern and well-designed website, but also takes care of all technical matters related to maximising the functionality of your website.

As far as affordability is concerned, the amount of additional customers reached by going online, quickly compensates for the costs of going digital. For only £199 per month for a two year contract, at Image Matters, you can get a top notch website, including the subscriptions needed for domain names, hosting, security certificates and professional email accounts, as well as a dedicated help desk.

At the end of the day, purchasing behaviour has changed significantly and in order to remain relevant to your consumers and to continue expanding your business, then going online is a clear no-brainer.

Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time deliberating. Whether you are a freelancer, SME or partnership, give us a call now and let us create a beautiful, user-friendly website for you so you can start increasing your earnings.

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