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Public Relations

If you are looking for an agency with strong links to local media, then we are the right partner for you. Our experienced public relations consultants can assist in creating a professional copy or innovative campaigns that gain the interest of the media, both locally and nationally.

A public relations team with digital support

Our experienced public relations team has full access to all of our integrated services, including: marketing, advertising, design, print, ecommerce and website development. We believe this adds an extra dimension to our service offering. It allows us to challenge and question initiatives, not only  from a PR standpoint, but also from marketing, design and ebusiness perspectives.

We develop creative and innovative PR strategies that will help your brand. We will enhance your brand presence through creative written content that is authoritative, thought-provoking and designed to communicate to your specific audience. From annual reports and manifestos, to magazines, podcasts, video scripts and social media campaigns; we create content that engages audiences and conveys the right message.

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Oscar Wilde
Image Matters Public Relations PR Marketing Agency

We are well connected

We have experience and contacts within the local government, as well as the public sector. If you’re looking for an agency to steer you through the complex web of States Departments, or to lobby States Members on your behalf, then we are the agency that will create the campaigns that will get your voice heard.

When you need to have an influence on policy making, we can help by creating a bespoke package from these ingredients:

  • Stakeholder mapping and audience identification
  • Message development and alignment
  • Formal policy consultation responses
  • Comprehensive policymaker engagement programs
  • Scrutiny Committee and public inquiry training
  • Integrated campaigning including social media planning and responses
  • Media cutting and back copy research

Our Process

We get to know you, your company, your team and your know-how after which we plan your content strategy.

We work with your team to document your industry knowledge with ‘pillar’ content through the use of audio and video.

We create ‘micro’ content adapted to every social channel, ensuring you have content on a daily basis.

Overtime, we track and measure your social media activity and identify areas of improvement in your ongoing strategy.