4 ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Engagement on Facebook is an important aspect of any business that uses social media. In 2019, the platform was the number one social media platform where consumers watched videos from brands on social media. Use your engagement to build relationships Interacting with your audience is non-negotiable when your brand is on social media. Every time […]

6 Tips To Kickstart Your Social Media Strategy

Does your social media strategy for 2020 need a kickstart? We’ve made a list of our top 6 tips and tricks for elevating your strategy to be more engaging for your audience. Stop ignoring your customers! As the digital world becomes noisier than it ever has with more brands and consumers being present, it can […]

Top 6 Fascinating Consumer Trends That Will Shape 2020

Whilst we are only one month into the year – it’s clear to see there are some rising consumer trends to look out for. The team at Animato has published a series of reports that give us an insight into the year ahead. We’ve put together a list of the most important consumer trends for […]

Instagram’s Algorithm Cracked Wide Open

Instagram has been under scrutiny since the announcement of removing likes from posts, so it’s no surprise the platform has tried to be more a bit more transparent with the algorithm. Instagram has recently answered questions users have about the platform and the algorithm – especially concerns about the authenticity of interaction on the platform. […]

Social Media Managers – 5 Essential Habits for Success

Three billion people now use social media (40% of the world’s population). These people are spending at least two hours every day sharing, liking, watching and updating. As social media managers, it’s our job to keep your audience doing just that. Sometimes though, you can get in too deep and over our heads. That’s why […]

Customer Engagement – Latest Hootsuite Summit 2020

Today, Hootsuite held it’s summit on The Future Of Customer Engagement. Hootsuite is an online platform which allows companies to organise their digital content calendars. Not only can companies publish their content, they review analytics, use in-platform messaging services such as Messenger and review timelines at a quick glance. The summit was split into three […]