5 reasons to get on the TikTok train

Making the most of TikTok

TikTok’s popularity has undoubtedly increased over the past few years. In fact, it was the most downloaded app of 2020, encouraging millions of people to make entertaining and interesting short movies.  Early on, several businesses saw the potential of the new social network and seized the opportunity to engage with their target market. Many brands […]

6 types of social media content that generate leads

Focusing your resources on optimising your social media content is the best step towards heightened brand recognition and engagement.

Social media lead generation is included in most marketers’ plans whether they realise it or not. Focusing your resources on optimising your social media content is the best step towards heightened brand recognition and engagement. Collecting leads on social media allows you to identify and focus on customers who are interested in your brand. These […]

Why the ‘Metaverse’ is the next big evolution in brand marketing

corporate team experiencing the metaverse through VR virtual reality

The “metaverse” could be the next great evolution in computing. A future concept that promises to bring the physical world together with the internet as well as newer technologies. Early endeavours into metaverse experiences are already starting to change the way people interact, entertain themselves, shop, and do other day-to-day activities. During his quarterly earnings […]

What is user-generated content and should you use it?

Hashtagging content for marketing purposes

The ‘new wave’ of social media marketing has been referred to as user-generated content. It is an engaging approach to get people to connect with your material, and it is effectively free publicity. Here’s a rundown of what user-generated content is and why you should consider incorporating it into your social media marketing plan. It […]

4 reasons why Facebook is still the king of social media

man using smartphone with facebook logo icon on sc NQ34UGN Image Matters 4 reasons why Facebook is still the king of social media

With 2.80 billion monthly active users, which translates to 1.84 billion users visiting the social networking site on a daily basis, 17 years after they first launched, Facebook has successfully lived up to its goal, “to bring the world closer together”. And its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Marketers and brands cannot […]

5 great reasons to use social listening

Screenshot 2021 07 12 at 15.12.04 Image Matters 5 great reasons to use social listening

So you have started marketing your brand on various social media platforms. You have a professional photographer, a content writer and you pay for Facebook advertising regularly. Now what? Just sit back and wait for your customers to come you? Not quite! Enter, social listening. Having your brand on social media is just one part […]

6 Undeniable Benefits of Social Media

You can’t deny the facts or the numbers! With over 4,5 billion internet users, 3,8 billion of those are active social media users, according to We Are Social, and that number will continue to grow. Social Media has therefore proven to be vital for any business wanting to generate exposure and improve sales. It might […]

What is social listening?

In order to build an effective social strategy you need knowledge about your audience and their behaviour. This is where social listening comes in.

4 uses for social media in your event strategy

Have you thought about how social media can help you further your event strategy? Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to promote your event to people who may not have known it existed at all. As a brand, you should have an account on all the relevant social media platforms […]

TikTok Tips – TikTok’s New Account

TikTok has launched a new account called ‘TikTok Tips’ to share platform safety and wellbeing advice.       The account is using popular TikTok influencers to deliver the safety and wellbeing messages including tips about how the safety features work and reminders to log off every so often. The new account aligns with the […]