6 types of social media content that generate leads

Social media lead generation is included in most marketers’ plans whether they realise it or not. Focusing your resources on optimising your social media content is the best step towards heightened brand recognition and engagement.

Collecting leads on social media allows you to identify and focus on customers who are interested in your brand. These leads also enable you to stay in touch with potential customers, giving you the opportunity to communicate news or pique their interest with special offers of your products or services.

We have put together 6 types of social media content to help you generate quality leads:

 1. Results-Driven Content

Knowing your audience’s goal will allow you to tailor your material to their specific needs. You will not only attract those who are interested in your business, but you will also attract the audience who is most likely to take the necessary action.

Great content production does more than just promote your company; it produces outcomes.  Whatever content you are sharing it should be allowing your audience to see results. In other words, if you are a hardware company, then create content about DIY processes that customers can implement, that is helpful and achievable.

2. Problem-Solving Content

Let’s face it, your audience is bombarded with thousands of products and services every day, but what they really want to see is content that focuses on resolving their issues.

Create clear and concise information that makes it obvious how you will be making their lives a bit easier, and make sure to regularly analyse your social media content, ensuring that it is answering your audience’s questions.

3. Relatable Content

Creating content that is authentic, personable and reflects your brand, is imperative when it comes to making it relatable.

This type of content increases engagement as people click, share, and discuss your content. If it means something to them and they can identify with your brand, then they will continue to follow it.

Through understanding your target audience as individuals, you will be able to concentrate your content on what motivates and piques their attention, ultimately compelling them to learn more.

4. Personal Content

Great marketing should create an emotional attachment to a product, service, or person. In many circumstances, this entails making content personal rather than just personalized…and there is a difference between the two! Getting personal should elicit emotions and is not something that can be automated.

Sharing behind-the-scenes content and content that gives your audience a glimpse into who you are as a person and as a brand creates a sentimental attachment to the products and services you offer.

5. Testimonial Content

Sharing testimonials from customers helps to establish credibility. This type of content works so well because it isn’t received as a sales pitch, but rather a real unbiased voice that creates trust in your brand.

 6. Interactive Content

Running polls or competitions requires your audience to interact and engage. By encouraging consumers to actively participate with the content, interactive content raises brand exposure. Interactive infographics, videos and reports, are significantly less boring than static content. Including calls-to-action in all of your content is also a great way to engage your audience and grow your brand on social media.

So, if you are new to social media lead generation then consider the above strategies valuable primers to start your journey and if you are familiar with generating leads using social media, then consider this a refresher on how to gain and maintain your target audience.


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