6 Undeniable Benefits of Social Media

You can’t deny the facts or the numbers! With over 4,5 billion internet users, 3,8 billion of those are active social media users, according to We Are Social, and that number will continue to grow. Social Media has therefore proven to be vital for any business wanting to generate exposure and improve sales.

It might seem like a no brainer to market your business on various platforms, but in case you still need some convincing, we’ve put together 6 benefits of social media:

1. Cost-effective brand awareness

Firstly, creating brand awareness is free. By posting as often as you like, your business has the opportunity to reach a significant audience, just from the sheer volume of active users. It is the perfect platform to share your brand story and let people know who and what your business is. Because it’s so easy to connect and engage with customers, it is also provides a wonderful opportunity to create brand loyalty and provides authenticity to your business, building trust more quickly.

2. Provides market insights

A large amount of customer data is generated from the many active users, so through social listening and engaging with followers, you can gain a significant amount of information about who your customers are, their preferences, views on your brand, as well as learning more about your industry specific competitors. This in turn, helps you to target the right market with the right strategies.

3. Enhances customer care

63% of users expect customer service via social media, 90% of users contact brands directly via social media more and almost half of those customers use social media to voice their concerns  Therefore, both businesses and customers can communicate instantly, shortened the time it takes to answers questions, remedy problems and allay concern or complaints.

4. Builds a community

By creating a well-designed, informative social media profile and maintaining regularly updates about your brand, you are demonstrating to consumers that you are active, engaged and relevant. This builds an engaged community, where followers can interact with each other, either by endorsing your company or sharing information about it to their social contacts. The community around your brand eventually starts building itself by simply being engaged.

5. Stimulates website traffic

Apart from increasing your brand awareness and reaching a larger audience, social media expands your opportunities for increasing inbound traffic to your website. Every social platform is a potential path to your website. Likewise every enticing post encourages consumers to explore your products or services by visiting your website – ultimately leading to possible sales.

6. Reputation management

If you are vigilant and active on various platforms, you can pick up on important social posts that may be relevant to your brand, if directly about your brand. Whether these posts are positive or negative, social media allows you do address discussions, comments or opinions immediately.

The benefits of social media is obvious. It costs nothing to create a page or profile, it tells a huge network of users about your brand, it provides information you need to grow your target audience, it maximises your ability to communicate with customers, it creates a community loyal to your brand and is an easy portal to attract potential customers to your website.

If you are considering investing in a social media marketing strategy – which you should be – give Image Matters a call. Our team can transform your social media accounts, creating stunning headers and profile pictures that resonate well with your audience. We will develop and manage your social media marketing strategy in order to drive new traffic to your site, generate new leads, increase sales and boost brand awareness, putting your brand on the map!

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