Why Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

Websites are often the first introduction your customer has to your brand, so web design needs to be considered as part of your marketing strategy. But, with more and more searches being conducted on a smartphone your site needs to ensure it is mobile friendly. Here are the key reasons why…

1. Your Customers Are Using Their Phones To Search For You

57% of all web traffic is done on mobile devices. Can you afford to lose more than 50% of your customers just because your site is difficult to navigate on a mobile?

Ensure that your site is accessible and functions on mobile. If a potential customer can’t click a link on your website they won’t ring you up and ask for more information, they’ll go to a competitor site that is easier to navigate. Therefore, make your customer’s life as easy as possible so they can still view your site when on the move.

2. Poor Design Loses Customers

When it comes to websites if you have a desktop version you are also able to be found on mobile. However, that doesn’t mean that the site is mobile compatible. Ensure your site is easy to navigate and looks professional on mobiles. Your customers won’t waste time trying to work out how to navigate a difficult site, they’ll just go to a competitor site and get the information they need quickly.

Therefore, ensure that your design works on mobile to avoid losing potential customers.

3. Mobile-Friendly Sites Have Quicker Loading Times

Because mobile sites are smaller they typically load a lot quicker than desktop websites. So, if you are mobile optimised your site should load quicker on smartphones, decreasing the bounce rate and giving your customers a better web experience.


4. Improve Your SEO

Did you know that mobile-friendly websites have a better SEO on Google? If your site is fully optimised Google will promote your site further up the search results. Thus, you’re more likely to be found by potential customers who are searching for your services online.

5. Mobile Sites Mean Customers Can Get In Contact Easily

Make it as easy for your customers to contact you by adding your phone number to your website. This way if your site is mobile optimised, and customers are searching for you on a smartphone, they can click on the number to instantly ring your offices. This builds an immediate connection between your brand and your customer, meaning you are more likely to secure leads.

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