What types of videos should your brand create?

This month we’ve been focusing on the importance of regular content creation. We’ve discovered that content such as video has the most impact on social media users. For example, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Therefore a good quality video has the potential to be widely shared, maybe even go viral and further promote your brand!

However, how do you know what types of video you should be creating to generate the kind of viral sensation content that every brand dreams of?


1. Consider the platform

The type of video you create depends on which platform you are showcasing them on. Different app users are looking to share different types of video.



Instagram is the place for inspiration. Create beautifully edited and aesthetically pleasing videos that inspire your followers. Viral videos on this platform tend to be interesting and unique. So, work on some getting some great filmography that showcases an interesting aspect of your brand that will entice users to share and read more.





This is a site that people use to keep up to date with brands, connect with friends and family and look for local updates. Create videos for this platform that share new aspects of your company. Focus on panning shots with text, as most video consumers on this platform don’t use sound.





Twitter is essentially morphing into a news app, so reflect this in the content you create for the site. Users are looking for thought-provoking and interesting news and trends about companies and brands they follow. So, share what’s happening with your brand now and engage with your customers.




YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, so you have to be publishing your videos with clear keywords and tags on this platform. Consider what you can teach your audience on this platform as a brand. Users are looking to learn from companies on this site so create educational and informative content that is widely shareable for your target audience.




2. Consider what Consumers Want to See

The second part of your content strategy should consider what your followers actually want to see. If you know this then you can easily create content that they engage with and share!

For branded videos, users are looking for different things that just entertainment videos. Try to include a clear and simple message with eye-catching imagery and a compelling story that followers can get behind and learn from.

This could include some How to style videos that educate your audience.

Try sales type videos with a clear message so audience members who aren’t interested can ignore the video immediately without getting annoyed with your brand.

Or try a listing type video based on top five or top tips blog posts that will engage your audience as well as entertain them.


Overall, content creation is great, however, if you aren’t creating content that you know your audience wants to see and is platform specific, then it will get lost in the abyss of content available.

If you need help creating targetted content that will achieve your aims on social media then get in touch here. We’re happy to develop engaging content that improves your brand’s awareness, SEO and audience base.


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