What types of Content should you be posting on each social channel?

So, by now we all understand that content is important for SEO improvement, marketing and digital presence. However, how do you make sure that you are distributing different content types on the correct platforms that will ensure your audience listens?

Here is our guide to creating content for each platform, to ensure audience engagement.



(Video with text)

Content on Facebook must build your brand as well as engage your fans. To do this run maintained Facebook video campaigns which are promoted to your target audience via small ads.

Also, consider that the average Facebook user will watch videos with no sound. So, just use copyright free music in case any of them have headphones and ensure all videos have text running with them. This could be a summarising Call To Action or subtitles throughout the video, whatever works best for your brand!



(High res photos, quotes and stories)

We all know that Instagram is the place for photos, however, the amount of brands that aren’t investing time and energy into sourcing high-res images is outstanding. Ensure that all photos are of the highest quality, otherwise, you will come across as lazy and unprofessional in front of new clients on Instagram.

Instagram users also like to see quotes and statistics so create branded images with these on to engage your audience and add some variety to your profile.

Finally, focus on creating behind the scenes stories that engage your audience, as Instagram users are finding this feature more and more useful when discovering new brands.



(News, blog posts)

Twitter users primarily use the platform to search for news and latest trends. Therefore, ensure that your profile reflects what they want to see. Post engaging tweets and links with attached images and video, in order to attract new followers. Keep your audience entertained and engaged via the use of blog posts, thought pieces on this news-like platform.



(Jobs, company news, professional content)

LinkedIn is where users go to learn. Therefore, create content that educates as well as engage. Post about company news that your connections may find interesting or develop professional content on industry subjects that you know people will engage with. Remember, the site is still very much used to find jobs, so post any new roles and promote your company culture and ethos to present yourselves as a forward-thinking employer.



(Infographics, step by step guides)

You would think that Pinterest relies on lifestyle images and product photos, however, the posts that get the most engagement and shares are actually infographics and how to guides. Posts like “How To Bake A Victoria Sponge” get a great level of engagement on the platform.  This is becuase pinners can easily share and use the guide. Think about what infographics and guides your brand can add to your Pinterest account. Remember to add as much information as possible to your pin to ensure that the shares can then be linked back to your website to improve your SEO.


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