What Is Live Streaming?

When it comes to video and social media you can either stick to posts of pre-recorded videos or delve into the increasingly popular world of live video streaming. But what is live streaming? And how could it be useful in your brand development?


Real-time Broadcasting

Live streaming is a form of real-time broadcasting to your audience. One of the most mainstream forms of live streaming is Facebook’s live feature. This is where you broadcast a live video to your Facebook audience. This is like a live stream news broadcast but can be used to publish anything you want (within reason!). All you need is an internet-enabled device and wifi, or 3G to start streaming to your engaged audience.


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Why is Live-Streaming So Popular?

Since its launch on social media around 2006, live streaming has only increased in popularity. It is popular amongst Facebook users as it allows everyone to be a creator, presenter and one-man show. You can broadcast immediately to a worldwide audience without any delay or editing. For audiences live video are popular as they have a real sense of being authentic, current and in the moment. Audiences love the real-aspect of video streaming that allows a more intimate connec5ion with your audience.

Live streaming also allows you to interact with your audience and for your audience to reply back with comments, suggestions, questions and even answers. This level of intimacy is something you rarely see with pre-recorded video, giving live video the edge when it comes to relationship building with an audience.


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Opportunities and Risks

As with all content creation, where there are new opportunities there are also big risks. So consider the following, and how you will react to any problems that arise before you start live streaming to social media.

The Reality-TV Appeal

With live streaming, anyone can be a reality TV star, uncensored, unedited and unrehearsed. When used positively this can mean new sensations, bringing interest to new and important subjects and showcasing unheard-of talents. However, there is always a risk with organic, live content. If the streamer is young it can lead to online bullying, or their image being online forever when they didn’t necessarily think through the implications.


Uh Oh Moments

Live TV lends itself ever so nicely to mistakes, bloopers and massive “Uh Oh” moments that can’t be removed from the internet. Although a minor mistake could mean you end up going viral, bringing more attention to your brand, it could damage your name forever. Make a plan before you start streaming and think carefully about crisis control to ensure that if anything does happen it can easily be rectified, leaving minimal damage to your brand.


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Overall, if done well, live Streaming can be incredibly effective. We’re big fans of live Streaming and will actually be undertaking our own project this Thursday. Keep an eye out on our socials for more information soon!



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