What is Influencer Marketing?

This month we’re looking at the wide-ranging subject of Influencer Marketing. The term often gets banded around in our industry, especially in reference to Instagram stars and YouTubers. However, what actually is Influencer marketing and what effects could it have for your brand?

In essence, Influencer marketing at its core isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Rather it is the mixture of old and new marketing techniques. It’s the modern-day equivalent of celebrity endorsements.

However, unlike previous traditional technique Influencer Marketing develops a relationship between the influencer and brand. Thus, creating the influencer as a spokesperson and ambassador for the brand to their own, organically built audience. Influencer Marketing takes the most popular and connected personalities on new and exciting platforms and allows your brand to emerge themselves into their niche and loyal audiences.

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anywhere, experts on any topic, and have a more developed, intimate connection with their followers. Generally, Influencer’s followers trust their advice and act with loyalty. Therefore, if an Influencer works with a brand to create a line, or promote a personalised aspect of their service, their followers will be more attracted to the brand.


Who are Influencers?

A good example of Influencer campaigns can be found on Instagram. YouTubers, Reality stars and Bloggers have turned to the social media app. The Influencers will collaborate with brands to raise brand awareness. Take TV Personality Louise Thompson. With her growing popularity on Instagram and Made in Chelsea the star has worked with brands to Influence her followers buying habits. Recently, the star promoted fashion brand, Faithful, highlighting the clothing brand in a post about her daily events.

Whether it’s a space to promote the brand as an ad, like above, or Influencers working with brands to create ranges, these campaigns can be very effective. YouTube star, Zoella (Zoe Sugg), recently collaborated with makeup brand colour pop, releasing her own range on her Instagram profile that has over 9.9million followers.


Therefore, if done correctly, Influencer marketing can become a lucrative aspect of your marketing strategy.

So, if you’re thinking about using Influencers, think outside the box. Avoid just giving them a product to promote. Establish a long-lasting connection by developing a line with the influencer or creating events that they can develop content around that actually interests and entertains their audience. This way, your campaigns will reflect better on your brand. Thus, your brand develops an intimate connection with the influencer and their committed audience.

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