What is a Thought Leader?


What is thought leadership? Should you or your brand become thought leaders? Here’s our guide on this buzzword in the PR and marketing industry.


We’ve talked a lot about thought leadership, especially when it comes to content marketing. This technique is all about positioning the face of your brand as an industry spokesperson, educator and leader.

This PR technique is essentially tapping into the talent, experience and passion inside of your business, to answer the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Avoid looking for the “unique point of view”. Often it’s thought that businesses need to think and say differently in order to stand out. However, this isn’t what your customers want to hear. Your consumers need quick and reliable answers to the common questions, which you can provide via thought leadership.

Additionally, consider using less business jargon. Present industry topics to a common audience who are looking to you to translate and solve these issues.


Both consumer and B2B companies can use this technique in their marketing and PR plans. Whatever your company size or customer base, if there is a market for a new thought leader then get involved!

So, if you think you’re ready to become a thought leader, whatever your industry, get in touch to talk to us about how we can help. Our PR experts can position you and your business as an industry leader, who your customers turn to over your competitors.

Tomorrow we’ll consider how you can become a thought leader. Often people think that you need to be a good public speaker, but in reality it can all be done behind the safety of your computer screen…


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