What is a Content Strategy?

This month we’re focusing on how brands can increase their SEO, Customer loyalty and engagement via the use of content creation.

However, before you delve into creating content for your brand you need a plan.


So, what exactly is a content strategy?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most successful B2B marketers reported spending 40% of their budget on content marketing in 2018. Therefore, if you’re not putting aside time, a budget and establishing a strategy for content creation you could be missing out on potential customers.

A content strategy is something you can develop when you start your business or review once you’ve determined your audience and marketing goals.

This strategy will ensure the correct management of all media you create for your brand. Therefore, the strategy will continuously demonstrate who you are and how you can best help your customers.


But, what should you consider when creating a content strategy for your business?


1. Who are you creating content for?

audience1 Image Matters What is a Content Strategy?Establish your target audience. is it just one audience or could content be split into B2B and B2C? if you have different types of customers then make sure all groups have some form of content aimed at them. This could be the same theme or writing behind the content, however in different formats or on different channels, for each audience type.


2. What problem can your content solve for your audience?

As a brand you understand that your service or product solves a problem for your potential customer, so your content must do the same. Before creating a strategy consider your audience’s problems and reinforce in your content how you can help your audience solve these problems.


3. How is your brand unique?

brand1 Image Matters What is a Content Strategy?Before you start creating a plan establish how your content will set you apart from your competitors. Ensure that all the content you create will make you stand out from the crowd and highlight the unique points of your brand.




4. What formats will you use?

Consider what types of content you could create based on your audience and the budget behind your projects. Blog posts are a great starting point but have you considered video, podcasts, infographics or events?


5. What channels do you and your customers use?

whatiscontentmarketing1 Image Matters What is a Content Strategy?Ensure you understand what channels you will use and you know how to create content that suits those channels. Firstly, use your website and blog posts, but also consider your social media networks. If you need help ensuring your digital channels are effective and suit your brand then get in contact with our team, here for a free digital footprint review.


Why does my business need a content marketing strategy?

So, now you know what you need to think about in creating an effective content strategy, you’re probably asking, but why do I need one in the first place?

Content marketing is integral to brand development as it is a low cost and highly effective way to generate organic traffic and improve your SEO. Also, these links back to your site, embedded in content, will remain on the internet forever, meaning that one piece of content, without the need for much maintenance, will continue generating leads for you as time goes on.whatiscontentmarketing1 Image Matters What is a Content Strategy?

This reliable and steady source of traffic will allow you the flexibility to further experiment with other marketing formats, such as social media and paid for ads. The content you create gives a solid foundation for social media posts and allows you to promote and provide paid for campaigns to increase the good quality content’s reach.

Not only this, but content also allows your brand to establish itself as an industry leader, building a loyal customer base that turns to you, rather than your competitors when they need help.


So, now you know what a content strategy is an why it’s essential to create content if you want to see your brand grow organically. Tomorrow we’re going to look at how you create a content strategy, to ensure that all content created fits the style of your brand. So, keep an eye on our website and social channels for more information soon.

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