Common Web Design Mistakes: Typography

May 7, 2019

We talk a lot about the importance of images when it comes to web design and marketing, but what about text? Here are the top mistakes we see every day with typography, and how you can amend your site to effectively market your brand.


1. Too Many Different Fonts and Typography

Often websites that are performing poorly have a cluster of different fonts and typography on every page. This not only looks messy, but it also portrays to your audience that you have no consistent brand identity that they can notice or rely on.

We suggest choosing between a font, with up to four different variations. these could be bold, italics, heading titles or subheadings. This way you will have a consistent font that represents your brand, without distracting or confusing your customer.


2. The Text Isn’t Readable

Many companies have a font that they feel best represents their brand, however, sometimes the typography doesn’t necessarily work online.

Very few people visiting your site will read every piece of content, so your key USPs, FAQs and prices need to be clear and readable. Choose a font that isn’t too light, is still readable online and doesn’t have a multi-coloured background that distracts from the text itself.


3. The Colour Is Too Distracting To The Typography

When choosing a font make sure that the colour of the font isn’t lost in the background colour of the site.

Employing too many colours in your typography can distract your customers, and mean that they leave the site without contacting your brand or making a purchase.

Similarly to this be sparing with make text bold or italics. If every word is bold, then none stand out!

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