4 Reasons Why Video Content Is Important

Videos are now the most engaged form of content on social media, with 6 out of 10 people preferring to watch videos online instead of watching TV. We’ve made a list of the 4 most important reasons why you should be creating video content.


More brands are using video content

In 2017, 63% businesses used video as a marketing tool compared to 2019 where 87% of businesses are using video marketing.

You should only ever be focused on what you’re doing and not what your competitor is doing. However, if you notice your audience is becoming more disengaged with your content, it’s worth finding out why. Are your images not branded? Does your copy make sense? Or is your competition just creating more engaging content? If they are, do not think you have to copy them, you should find your own voice as a brand on social media.


YouTube is on the rise

In the past YouTube had been viewed as an outsider to mainstream media but over 1 billion hours of video are being watched every day (that’s more than Netflix and Facebook video combined!). Most of the content worldwide is viewed on tablets and mobile devices.


48% of people said they share videos with others over other forms of content

Imagine if 48% of people who watched your content shared it with all their friends. Sounds amazing right? If you’re not going to post video, they’re not necessarily going to share it, not to mention that the message of the video stays with 95% of the people who view it.


Your audience wants value

Videos are the perfect way to engage with your audience. Provide them with content that educates them on what your brand stands for/what product your selling whilst entertainment will see a higher engagement rate than content that focuses purely on selling. Your audience wants to be provided with value when they engage with your brand.

The image above shows the percentage of internet users who consumed each kind of content. As you can see, video content had the highest percentage of engagement.

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