Why Your Customers Unsubscribe From Your Email Marketing List in 2020

And how to stop them! In today’s blog post we looked at why your unsubscribe rate is increasing and how you can change your emails to ensure that you keep customers engaged, happy and interested in your brand.


1. Too Many Emails

Quite simply, you’re annoying your customers. You’re sending out too many emails. Ultimately, you’ll know when you’ve hit that secret number as your subscribers leave in droves.

When you notice this you need to do a couple of things. Firstly, examine your email marketing frequency. The perfect number falls down to your company size, the number of new products and the quality of the content you’re sharing. If you’re seeing more and more people unsubscribe, try cutting down on your email frequency.

If this doesn’t work you should also consider an opt-down option. This could be an option to receive fewer emails from you but still get your key content. This is a good option, as your customer obviously signed up for a reason, they do want to hear from you, however only when you have something interesting to offer them!


2. Irrelevant Content

A second reason you may be seeing a high unsubscribe rate may be down to the fact that your content just isn’t good or engaging enough to keep your customer interested.

Think about where your customers are and whether the content you’re sending is useful. For example, if your customer lives in Barbados and you’re sending regular emails about your new range of coats then you may need to rethink your email segmentation and targetting approach.

Reconsider your personalisation and segmentation process when it comes to mass emailing. Use this process to clearly define your audience into groups and create content that is more relevant to the individuals. Maybe start off geographically or creating an email that addresses problems in your area and sending to the relevant individuals. The more the content is personalised and relevant the more likely you are to keep your subscribers.


3. Poor Design

Or not being mobile-friendly. Being able to read your content on mobile is no longer just a bonus, it’s fundamental. It’s time to redesign your emails if they don’t fit a small screen or looks too cluttered and badly designed.

Try A/B Testing any designs you have to improve your unsubscribe rate. This can help you understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your email design.

If you’re worried your design is too cluttered, or amateurish then strip it right back. Focus on a simple design with clear images that will improve loading times and be mobile-compatible.


Overall, it is a good idea to regularly change, update and redesign your email newsletter to keep your customer engaged and involved with your brand. Follow the tips above and see your subscribers steady, or even increase as your brand awareness improves and customer relationships build.


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