Meet the Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing is dominating the industry. 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017 and this has only continued to grow since.

Influencers can be defined into 3 tiers; micro, macro and power. As the audience and quality of content grow they can continue to move up the tiers. But, how do we define these categories and what uses do each of them have?

Firstly, we considered the benefits and limitations of Micro-Influencers and the brands that will benefit most from using them.



Generally, micro-influencers are someone who has around 2,000 to 50,000 followers on their social media site of choice. These influencers usually have a focussed topic or niche that their subscribers follow.

But, if they are not considered big on the Influencer playground why should brands still use them?


1. Micro Influencers are Considered Experts

These types of influencers generally have a small but dedicated following who listen to their advice on their niche areas of interest. Their audiences tend to see them as their friends, turning to them for advice and recommendations.


2. They are Authentic

These types of influencers tend to have a more approachable nature, which is often lost as follower count increases. They are everyday people, that their followers can relate to.

3. They are Engaging

Influencers with these sized audiences are usually more interactive with their audience, which is great as followers trust and rely on them for product or service advice on a personable level. Their community is generally more engaged than the industry standard of 1-3%. This is because they are powerful enough to maintain their followers, but not yet big enough that social media algorithms have started working against them!


4. Cost-Effective

A little goes a long way with these types of influencers. Micro-influencers charge as little as $50 per post, but brand see a better ROI compared to top-tier influencer campaigns due to the loyalty of their followers. Using these types of influencers in these types of campaigns is a great investment for a brand and your loyalty will pay off once the influencer has become bigger.


Therefore, although these Influencers tend to have a smaller audience base, fan loyalty and niche expertise may be well suited for your brand. Tomorrow we will look at the second tier, Macro Influencers.

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