How Can You Use Tik Tok To Market Your Brand?


Yesterday we looked at the rising social media app known as Tik Tok. The site is unique as it has hardcore fans that span across age groups. So if you’re a brand looking at new ways to market your services, this could be an interesting platform to look into.

Here’s how you can utilise the app as a marketing tool…


Influencer Marketing

Tik Tok has become a place for Influencers to market new products and brands to a very responsive audience. Get involved by working with influencers who have a large following on the app. One idea could be for them to use your beauty products on the app, using the creative nature of the site to personalise the promotional content to your audience.

Make Your Own Content


Why not set your brand up on the app and start creating engaging original content. This will take time, resources and a lot of creativity, however original content can work really well on such a creative app. Ensure that your content has the ability to go viral, otherwise, it won’t attract new customers or audiences. For example, if you’re a cooking brand look at creating video for recipes that will engage a new type of audience.



One interesting point to remember is that Tik Tok doesn’t yet allow pure adverts to run on the app. This is, in a way, good as the app focuses on original content that is more engaging overall. Instead, focus on Influencer content creation and marketing to advertise on the app.

Who knows, the future may bring Tik Tok advertising, but get ahead of the game and familiarise yourself with the app before your competitors do.



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