The Ultimate Website Checklist

When designing a new website it can be a problem even finding where to start. Here are our ten steps to creating the perfect website for your small business.


Check that your logo is present at the top of your website, particularly on the home landing page. This provides consistency and reminds your customer of the brand they’re working with.

2. Website Navigation

Is your header menu simple and clear enough to follow? Ensure there is a clean layout that guides your customer on an effective journey.

3. Sign-Up Offers

You want to keep your customers, so create a good value offer such as free content or 10% off if they sign-up to your newsletter, or provide you with an email address in order for you to contact them in the future.

4. Website Sidebar

Do you have a sidebar with the content on your website that you think your visitor will find interesting? This sidebar will be present on every page so focus on showing them more of your best stuff!

5. Website Landing Pages

Ensure that your customers stay with your brand by creating individually curated website landing pages to either opt into email lists or buy directly. This will increase conversion rates and improve your marketing efforts as you have detailed information on your customers so can tailor content to them.

6. Video

Make sure that you have at least one video on your website homepage. This means your personality will shine through, engaging your audience more effectively via high-quality video.

7. Blogs Based On Your Website

Do you have a blog section on your website? Blogs create content for your site, giving your readers a reason to return to the website, improving your SEO and building a strong brand that is seen as an industry leader.

8. Social Media Linked On Your Website

Ensure that your social icons are present at the bottom of every landing page on your website. By doing this you make it as easy as possible for your audience to connect with you and your brand via social media, thus improving your engagement. As well as keeping your followers as committed customers of your brand.

9. Contact Us

Do you have a contact page? Ensure it has its own header in your menu bar, so if your customer has any problems or can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they can easily contact you and remain a potential customer.

10. Do Something Different

Do you have a reason for your customers to continue to return to your website? Are you distinguishable or more enticing than your competitors? Maybe have a podcast and hold all the episodes on your site. Doing something different will ensure that your customers remember you and return to your site time after time.

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