The Importance of a Conversational Marketing Plan

With the development of chatbots and the upcoming merger of messaging platforms conversational advertising and replying to customers is more and more becoming part of a brand’s marketing plan.

Consumers now exchange over a billion messages each month with businesses. With that in mind, brands need to consider messenger and conversational marketing in their overall digital marketing plan. But, if you are considering using messaging systems more and more in your strategy, what should you consider as a brand?


Ensure Your Conversational Marketing Plan Is Valuable

Conversational marketing should support your existing marketing plan rather than distract from it. Add value to your messages by making them personal and thus creating a connection between your brand and the consumer. Whatever your conversational plan make sure it only makes your customer’s life easier.

Set Goals And Aims

cm1 Image Matters The Importance of a Conversational Marketing PlanAdding a messaging platform to your marketing strategy can be a time-consuming process. However, if they are targeted well and have a strong message they can add an extra dimension to your existing marketing efforts. Ensure that you have an aim. Maybe this is to sell a specific product or service? If so, offer a discount via messenger. If you have specific aims it is much easier to manage your campaign as well as analyse its effectiveness.


Avoid Over Automation For Your Conversational Marketing Plan

The problem with conversational marketing is that it can become annoying and robotic for customers. Customers tend to turn to direct messaging in order to get a more personalised response from a company. Therefore, ensure that you are not spamming customers with unnecessary messages.

Make sure that the campaign your running will be well met on messenger. For example, if you are asking customers to download a resource, just advertise this on your website. Ensure that every campaign you run is helping your audience so your messages aren’t ignored as spam.


Sales vs Marketing

Make sure you set about a clear plan so everyone involved knows when customer support or sales crosses over into marketing. Define clearly whether the messaging channel will be used primarily for sales or customer support. If there is a clear workflow for incoming messages all customer queries will be answered by the right person, leaving your customers happy.


converstaional marketing Image Matters The Importance of a Conversational Marketing Plan

Overall, it’s important that you ensure all conversational marketing efforts are personalised and not overused. If you spam the customer with unnecessary marketing then this could negatively affect your brand’s image and reputation. If you think your brand could benefit from chatbots or other conversational marketing techniques, then get in touch with us here. We’re always happy to talk you through what’s on offer to your business and to run campaigns that aid your current marketing strategy.


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