Summer Event Promotion

Is your brand looking to host a summer event? If so, this month we’re looking at how Image Matters can help create the best event possible, whilst also furthering your marketing efforts.

But first, why would you hold a summer event?

Remember to Also Use Traditional Marketing 

Use your event to build brand awareness not only on a digital platform but via traditional print means. Think about a brand awareness pull up banner that you can put up in the background of your summer event. Or create some takeaway leaflets of goodie bags that customers will remember your brand by.

Get in touch with our team to design some pull up banners from just £60.00 (not including artwork fee). Or speak to us to see if we can create branded merchandise and goody bags for your summer event. These printed advertising materials can be used for a long time and are a great takeaway gift your potential customers can remember you by.

Promote your personality on social media

The day of the event is a great opportunity to start streaming live on social media. Use Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and IGTV to create live videos of the day. Not only will this build brand awareness amongst old and new customers, but it will also allow you to create a personality behind the brand.

If it’s a community summer event, post on socials, tagging all the local businesses and bodies that are present. This builds your profile as a caring, local company that invests back into the community. This live streaming will create a personality that your customers trust and like, behind your brand.

Create video for digital marketing campaigns

On the day of the summer event show off some key team members who are at the event and have them say a conversational piece to camera about the event and the company itself.

Remember to save video, and repost content after the event. These videos could be used as a way to promote your next event or add to your posting schedule to ensure a mix of content is being published to engage your audiences.




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