5 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid!

As a digital marketing agency, we see our fair share of businesses coming to us having made social media mistakes that are tarnishing their brand. So, here’s our guide to the most common mistakes and how to avoid them to get your brand noticed online!


1. Failing to Plan

Many businesses set up social media or start a campaign without making a plan. This is a massive mistake that can hinder your potential before you even start! Begin by creating a content calendar (or come to us to get this done!) and define your aims and goals before you even get going. This will give your digital marketing purpose and create a clear plan.


2. Believing That Size Matters

Although we all would like thousands of followers, it’s quality, not quantity that really matters. Nourish your followers that engage with your campaigns and have a genuine interest in your brand. These are the ones that are going to create conversions, web visits and spread the word! Don’t get caught up in gaining followers who aren’t interested as this is a common brand mistake. These spam or #followforfollow accounts don’t engage or interact with your brand so don’t focus your efforts here!


3. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin!

Think carefully about where you’re posting and what platforms you’re active on. Sometimes it’s better to focus your efforts on a few platforms than to be present on all of them. See where your clients are and where your time and efforts need to be placed.

Use this to determine ad spend as well. For example, when posting about a new job, although your Facebook may have the most followers it is probably better to put money behind an ad on LinkedIn as this is where your recruitment audience is.


4. Don’t Ignore The Competition

Although we never recommend copying your competiton there is a lot you can learn from them! Regularly visit other brand’s social media to keep up to date with new products, prices, content and make note of the mistakes they are making! Only use this to better your own brand. Don’t replicate what they do as your customers will soon see through this. Instead, learn and take aspects through to your own brand.


5. Don’t Obsess Over The Positives

Instead, constantly critique and work on your negatives and limitations. We all like to focus on things we succeed at or like doing, however where your business will truly grow is in the areas that you find difficult. Focus on the weaker points on your social media. Maybe you’re not creating enough free content or only posting fun things when you need to start giving your opinion as an industry leader?

If you need help prioritising your social media efforts and creating more content then come and talk to us! Our copywriters, designers and web gurus can help take the work off your hands, transforming your business under your guidance!



So, if you avoid the above mistakes and focus on using social media for growth then digital marketing can really help transform your business.

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