4 uses for social media in your event strategy

March 17, 2020

Have you thought about how social media can help you further your event strategy?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to promote your event to people who may not have known it existed at all. As a brand, you should have an account on all the relevant social media platforms in order to communicate with your audience in the first place.

We’ve created a quick go-to list for you on how to incorporate social media into your strategy.


Plan your strategy

Early event promotion

  • Build relevant content on your relevant social media platforms
  • Use paid promotion and ads to increase your reach
  • Set up an event page on LinkedIn as well as your website


  • Show behind the scenes action
  • Use stories to generate FOMO
  • Use hashtags relevant to your event


  • Set up an event page
  • Set up a group for the event
  • Include a competition (where possible) for users to win free tickets

Choose your event hashtag

  • Make it short and easy to understand for example #fyrefestival2.0
  • Add it your companies social media bios
  • Make sure to use it on all your posts before and during your event
  • Encourage all attendees to use the hashtags

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