How To Use Social Media To Build An Employer Brand in 2019

Many people see social media as a way to advertise their brand, which is true. But have you ever thought about using your marketing to attract your team? Employer branding is just as important as customer branding as this builds your business, attracting the right talent to build your business.

Beyond marketing to potential customers, your business’ social media presence can also act as a powerful signal of what it’s like to work for your company, building a brand that people want to buy from and be involved with.

Great employees are valuable to your brand, so here’s how you can attract the right kind of talent using social media.


1. Establish Your Employer Voice

In order to portray your company as a favourable employer on social media, you must establish a trustworthy and intriguing voice. Your voice should be a genuine human voice, that is friendly and approachable to encourage talented individuals to get involved and want to work for you. You should indicate that you are unique and different from your competitors. If the voice is consistent this also portrays your brand to be trustworthy. Make sure that you have a strong and consistent voice, no matter which member of your team is writing that social media post.


2. Share Great Content

Encourage your social team to be visual with their storytelling when it comes to your digital presence. This will help staff envisage working for your company. Do this by sharing behind the scenes photos, socials and events that highlight your happy team. Your customers will also be more inclined to work with a happy team!


3. Be A Responsive Employer

When attracting and building relationships with potential employees, as an employer you need to be responsive and communicative. Start conversations with potential candidates and respond to job questions on social media. This illustrates that you’re open and transparent when it comes to your company, highlighting that this is a flexible and relaxed place to work. Personalise all your answers and replies and try to reply immediately to ensure you are engaging that key audience.


4. Choose The Right Social Media

Stick to putting up recruitment ads on the “big four” -m

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Think about where the people are that you want to attract? If you’re looking at high profile business roles then stick to LinkedIn, creative roles think Instagram or Facebook.


All of the above builds not only a great team,  ut a better brand. Thunk carefully about the type of person you want to attract and high quality, talented, professionals will flock to you.

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