Social Media vs. Email 2020: Why You Need Both To Market Your Brand

When it comes to digital marketing we often have customers who complain they don’t have the time to create email marketing campaigns AND post on social media. However, when it comes to getting your brand noticed the two are supposed to be used in conjunction with one another. So, next time you ask – but which is better? the answer is “They both Are!” and here’s why…


1. Social Media and Email Give You Access To Different Customers

Don’t think of this as a versus┬ásituation. Rather think of the two different groups the different platforms are giving you access to. Email allows you to target one individual customer, giving them a message that they can open. This is why it is incredibly effective. However, with more and more young people spending even more time on social sites your message can influence a wider range of people.

Use both email and networking platforms to target different audiences. With email, these are potential or current customers who have signed up to hear more. However, with social media anyone, especially with ads, anyone can read your message. How you intrigue these audiences to read more, or visit your website is very different, however, both audiences are still invaluable to your brand, so capture them both!


2. Both Give You Direct Response

Both email and social media should be devised to maximise direct response. With relevant and targeted communications you can receive direct responses from both channels. Think of Twitter as your email subject line, they both are quite similar!

Test your emails to see if they have this interactivity with A/B Testing. And see the direct and real-time analytics of your targeted campaigns impact your readers on both platforms.


3. Both Encourage Different Types of Interaction

If done correctly both platforms can encourage interaction, forming deeper bonds with your audience. If you’re using email to just shout about promotions, then you need to change tactics. Encourage shareability and communication as you would do on social. This dialogue that you build up in email, or encourage customers to continue on social media is what you’re remembered for!

Where social media encourages instant, easy interaction, email isn’t as open. However, it does encourage a different kind of interaction – direct communication. Make your emails more interactive to meet your social media. Do this by including polls, surveys or free downloads that will encourage readers to give valuable information and opinions, as they would do on social media.



Overall, both platforms work best when they are fully integrated. Use social sites to build your email list and email to advertise your social media. If you can create shareable content and distribute this on both platforms, you’re using all the tools available to you to market your brand to the best of your ability!

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