How To Improve Your Social Media Advertising Efforts in 2020

Social Media is constantly changing, and your brand needs to make sure it’s ahead if it wants to stay relevant and your ads get seen online. In 2019 we saw the rise of video adverts, more interactive webinars and stronger advertising content when it came to social media. So, what will 2020 bring?


1. Increasing budgets

As social media platforms grow as companies they will look more into the role advertising plays in increasing profits. This means, unfortunately, that we’ll be looking into increasing our own marketing budgets. However, social media will still be infinitely cheaper, and easier to manage than print!

To prepare for 2020 you will need to analyse and increase your social media spend to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success in 2020.


2. Video

Video is still going to play a massive part in your marketing plan even in 2020. Marketers who use video grow revenue roughly 49% faster than non-video users. Therefore, there is a massive opportunity for measurable ROI with video ads.

If you haven’t been using video yet now’s the time to invest. Not only are video ads even more engaging, but they allow you to supercharge your reach and targeting on Facebook.

Did you know that any watching more than 50% of a video is interested in your brand or product, and is more likely to make a purchase? Therefore, if you have the opportunity or means to create strong video, this can have a massive positive impact on your social media advertising.

Start off with simple, well-edited videos and grow to feature-length documentaries that build brand recognition and audiences.


3. Learn About Advertising Pixels

Every social media platform uses pixels, little snippets of code, to share data with themselves and their audiences, creating more informed advertising campaigns.

Facebook’s pixel is, in particular, very powerful and should be used on every campaign going forward in 2020. These pixels, going forward will help you to create custom audiences and custom conversions, so you have to start getting your head around them if you’d like to get ahead online.


4. Start Using Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of 2020 advertising. Lots of our clients have already started using them in Messenger, or to help with their customer service. However, soon they will become an essential part of social media advertising.

Studies show that 56% of people would rather message with a brand than call a customer services line, and 56% of people are more likely to shop with businesses they can message.

Chatbots and marketing automation is a great way to develop and increase your advertising efforts, making sure you are ahead of your competition.


5. Optimization

Optimising at scale is going to be a key aspect of your 2020 marketing campaign. This means keeping an eye on how your campaigns are running and responding quickly.

At a macro level make sure that your ads are set up and are performing within your desired KPI. Any ad that isn’t performing turn off, and try something else before you waste money on ineffective campaigns.

For micro-optimisation think creatively but also very critically. If your ad isn’t performing well, get rid.

The main reason for this is because Facebook will always try to prioritize your budget on ads that are converting, but it will still spend on ads that aren’t as well.

These ineffective ads will soon stack up and could be a complete waste of your budget. So, think carefully and analyse correctly.



Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, we have spent a lot of time analysing our own and our client’s advertising. Therefore, we’ve seen a rise in trends and themes that allow us to predict and adapt to our 2020 advertising brand.

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