Should I Boost My Facebook Post?

Facebook’s complex algorithm is making it increasingly difficult for your customers to organically see your posts on the app. This means that many brands are turning to boosting in order for their content to be seen. Clicking the magical little “boost” button can result in Facebook promoting your posts to people who don’t already “like” your page, thus increasing customer awareness, traffic and even sales! But, does this mean you should boost every post to guarantee brand awareness. In short, no. Clicking “boost” costs you money, so boosting every post could result in no change to your engagement, leaving the campaign as a waste of money. Here are some key things to consider when you’re looking to promote a post to make sure your campaigns are as effective as possible.



1. Does this Boosted post help you achieve a goal?

Let’s face it if the post isn’t actually informative or entertaining even if you boost it people still won’t be inclined to click-through. Ensure that any boosted posts have a strong CTA. Think about the aims you want from boosting the post and if the content you’ve written/included will achieve these. For example, do you want increased traffic, more page likes or genuine leads? Once you’ve ensured that the post reaches a specific aim then you should boost this to help you reach this target quicker.


2. Is this post already popular?

You may be mistaken for thinking that if a post is getting a lot of engagement it’s not worth boosting it, however, we actually recommend the opposite. If your audience is interacting with a post then this means that it is interesting, valuable or entertaining. So, why not make sure more people see this effective post?

Using this new way of thinking promoting a post will mean even more positive results and shares. Look at the posts you’ve published this week. Are any particularly popular? Could you boost these to increase your positive reach?


3. Have You Given your Post a Chance to Gain Organic Reach Before You Boost?

Before you promote your post ensure that you have given it enough time to gain organic traction. Without waiting you won’t know how effective the actual content of your post is. And, as we’ve learnt the more popular your post is organically, the more likely it will succeed as a boosted post. Wait at least 6 hours to see how your post is received by your followers.

After this, consider if it would help to boost the post.

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