The Rise Of TikTok – What To Know 2020!

This year the app, TikTok has seemingly come out of nowhere! Since its launch in 2018, the social media site has risen to fame, being covered by nearly every major news publication out there. However, despite its success, the app still feels like a little bit of a mystery, especially to marketers who haven’t fully realised the potential the app holds.

Here’s our guide for what to expect in 2020 and how you and your brand can take full advantage of this ever-growing platform!


New Creators



TikTok has become a place, much like YouTube, where creators are able to make a name for themselves and grow their profile. In 2020 we think that this will be something that the site thinks carefully about, to avoid disillusionment (much like YouTube again!).

The General Manager of TikTok America and Australia, Vanessa Pappas has noted these changes adding: “Creators are an important part of our ecosystem…We’re at the beginning stages of exploring different models and ways we can connect creators with brands and opportunities. We recently rolled out TikTok’s creator marketplace that connects creators with brands, but we’re focused on what ways we can best serve our creative community.”

The definition of ‘Creator’ is set to change in 2020. We predict that we will see different people using and owning their voice on the app. We will definitely see creators developing their own personalities and brand’s using this to develop their own audiences.


News + Fake News!



As well as different creators we predict that 2020 will bring about a focus on news. TikTok could also potentially become a breaking-news outlet, and politically motivated, real-time platform.  The app is already becoming increasingly political as activists use Tiktok to spread political messages. The uniqueness of the platform is that TikTok can be used by each and every individual, no matter their age.

TikTok will have to be aware and proactive to fight misinformation in 2020. We predict that the platform will learn from its predecessors and hopefully take into account their responsibility. Especially, as a news sharing platform. The app will now need to review its safeguarding policies, moderators and misinformation guidelines to avoid preventable scandals in 2020.


WorldWide Fame



As TikTok continues to scale in the US we predict it will soon become a worldwide phenomenon. TikTok stars, much like YouTubers, have the ability to take on the wider internet. Or, even the mainstream outlets, as they rack up millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

However, it will be an important aim for TikTok in 2020 to remember to keep creators interested and engaged with the app. So, let’s hope that TikTok can keep hold of these creators in 2020. Especially, to build their content and the popularity of the app.


What do you think will happen to TikTok in 2020?

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