How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Business Page

If you’re a brand having a business LinkedIn page is essential to maintain your online digital footprint. However, unlike other social media LinkedIn isn’t known as a place for advertising. This platform is for educating an already interested audience.

Therefore, here are our top tips for creating content and a profile on LinkedIn that suits and engages your audience.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile

link2 Image Matters How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Business PageYour company profile is the welcome mat to your business account. Use keywords in your profile section, list your most important products and services. Use reviews and testimonials on your page.


Don’t try to promote your company. LinkedIn is a great way to highlight to your customers and peers that your company knows what it’s doing. Don’t try to use the site to constantly promote to your audience, but aim to join in their conversations and educate them.

Keep an eye out for common questions in your industry and write posts that answer these. LinkedIn users are on the platform to be informed, connect and learn more about their industry so gain followers through engaging content that educates rather than blatantly advertises your company. So write posts that inform and engage. This way your followers will be more likely to trust your company as they can see you know what you’re talking about as a brand.


Use Video

video1 Image Matters How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Business PageVisual content gets 94% more views than content without images so use video or photographs attached to your posts in order to gain audiences. Create videos with interviews with your team or of short clips of industry professionals sharing tips.


Post As Much As Possible

Publish consistently. If your audience doesn’t hear from you they will become disinterested in your page, and more importantly, your brand. We recommend publishing content every day to keep your page and content up to date. Keep an eye on important news updates within your industry and respond to them on your page, offering your opinion or advice to your customers who will be directly affected.


Remember to tag

Ensure that you tag relevant companies, individuals or bodies in your LinkedIn posts as they may choose to share these and further build your audience. However, it is very important not to overuse this feature. Don’t annoy your readers or even the person you’re tagging by constantly putting their names on your posts.


Let Everyone Get Involved

link3 Image Matters How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Business PageLet your employees contribute new and interesting articles to your page. This will give you more content to post, but also allows you to show off your team, personalising your brand with the people working hard behind the scenes.

Before doing this, however, ensure that you have a strong and widely available social media policy. This ensures that all content posted is relevant, sticks to your brand guidelines and hopefully won’t cause controversy on social media. If your employees know what you expect they can post content confidently and often creating a vibrant LinkedIn page for your followers.

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