Is Influencer Marketing on YouTube Effective?


When it comes to Influencer Marketing, most brands turn to Instagram. However, depending on your brand size, audience and services YouTube may be a more effective platform.


YouTube has over 1.5 billion active accounts that use the platform every month. This means there is a massive audience ready for your brand to target content to.

Where Instagram is the best place to work with influencers on showing off new products, YouTube offers a longer form content platform. This is where you can delve into the nitty-gritty of the services, your brand and your product.






YouTube is often referred to as the best influencer platform as it develops content for every part of the conversion funnel. This is a funnel that ensures that all aspects of the customer’s journey have been marketed to. Thus ensuring that every type of customer has content tailored to them.

The site is interactive at every level as it helps build an audience and engages that audience via interesting videos. Most importantly however it creates calls-to-action that secure these customers for your brand.



YouTube Influencer Marketing is very different to just paying for pre-play roll ads that you see before any video.

Much like Instagram your brand has to work with influencers to develop authentic campaigns that engage your audience. This may include giving your influencer the creative freedom to use your product or service as part of their video.

Ensure that your campaign introduces your audience to the product and shows off all of the benefits your brand has to offer. However, also seal the deal with a call-to-action on your video. Offer your influencer a discount code that they could share with their audience, encouraging them to sign up immediately.



So, do YouTuber Influencer Marketing campaigns actually work? Yes, if they are done with a mutual understanding between brand and influencer, much like with Instagram marketing.

Therefore, when it comes to Instagram vs YouTube marketing, it may be time for your brand to consider the alternative platform. Especially, if you are looking to create content that engages all parts of the customer journey (and what brand doesn’t want that!?).




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