Instagram Crashes Again

1. Instagram Crash

Perhaps the biggest event was Instagram’s blackout that occurred on Wednesday (13th). Thousands of users were left unable to access the site and send direct messages.

Facebook confirmed the family of apps including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp were affected by the crash. Although Facebook has not confirmed what caused the outages they have said that it was not due to a cyber attack. The sites are now up and running again, which users are very happy about!



2. Reddit tests Tipping Option for Creators

Reddit is trialling a new option to allow users to tip creators and the content they create on the platform.

The site gives the option to tip $3, $5, $10 or an ‘other’ amount that could be up to $100!

If this trial is a success and the option is rolled out more broadly it could have a massive impact on the platform. Content creators are worried that this new incentive could lead to increased content stealing in order to gain revenue from the site.

However, other users are happy that they can finally be recognised financially for the content they create. The hope is that this will encourage more users to invest time into creating engaging content that keeps people on the site.


3. Messenger adds a Secret Dark Mode

Facebook has created a dark mode for messenger, however, the hidden function, means it’s only available to users who understand the secret.

To install dark mode you have to ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. Then go into a chat and change the emoji to the moon emoji. once you send this emoji to the group, any member can click on the emoji and discover dark mode.

The also works if your device is in dark mode and you send the emoji to one of your contacts. This will cause a cascade of moons down the page and your screen to turn black. You’ve now got dark mode!

Facebook has announced that in the coming weeks this option will be available to all users, without using the secret emoji button.


4. Instagram updates new ‘Pause All’ Notification

Instagram has developed a new option to control notifications with a ‘Pause All’ option. This option will allow people to pause notifications for a set period of time to avoid spamming.

Instagram hopes this will be an easier way to silence the app completely, when users are busy, rather than spending time silencing individual notifications individually.

This is also hoped to combat the obsessive behaviour behind the app. Thus, providing cooling periods for young users.


5. YouTube Stories adds updated engagement tools

Google is testing ways to advance YouTube stories, including AR effects. These will work similarly to Snapchat filters, as the AR technology responds to movement and real-world cues to change shape or picture.

Google hopes that this update will encourage more people to use YouTube stories as well as keeping people on the app to watch more and more content.

But, has this update come too late in the game. It’s hard to ignore that Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have already used this technique on their live photo formats. However, with the love of stories increasing amongst users, is it so bad that you can now create them on this different platform as well?

Time will tell and we look forward to seeing the AR tools that Google is using.


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