How To Master Influencer Marketing This Christmas

Halloween’s over and it’s officially the run-up to Christmas! This means if you haven’t started your marketing campaign, now’s the time. Influencer marketing is a growing business this season. As brands partner with ambassadors, they can see product sales go through the roof, especially with Christmas or present themed items. So, what type of Influencers do you use this period to make the most of the season of gifting? Here’s our guide to creating Influencer content and what different types of influencers to work with at Christmas.


1. The Christmas Gift Guiders


christmas influencers


One route is to land your product or brand on a digital gift guide by Influencers this Christmas. Now, there are influencers who do this on social media such as on Instagram, but you could also send products to bloggers who are compiling gift guides, asking for a link back to your site. Shoppers love a gift guide as it inspires them. What’s more, if you work with influencers, it’s people they look up to telling them what they should buy and why.

Get your brand in front of the key, niche audiences by becoming part of an Influencer’s gift guide.



2. The Self-Gifter


christmas influencer



Another route is to appeal to the person who will buy themselves a gift this Christmas. With deals and promotions, advertised by Christmas influencers this can mean that the customer is just a little more tempted to part with their money and buy themselves a gift. To do this, work with influencers who also introduce their favourite product to their audiences this season. If you’re a beauty brand, work with apparel or experiences then this type of influencer is for you.




3. The Christmas Entertainer


christmas influencer



Unfortunately, Christmas isn’t just about buying gifts, it’s also a time for entertaining and food and drinks. You can almost “party-fy” your brand by working with influencers who show how they’re looking to entertain this season. If you’re a brand that offers food, drinks or entertainment then see if you can work with Influencers who can show off how your brand can help them this time of year. Work with other brands that can work in your industry to help create events for influencers to attend and post about on social media!


If you’re thinking about using influencers, any time of year, make sure you get in touch with us for guidance and relationship building advice!

Remember an Influencer isn’t just for Christmas, although they can help your festive campaigns!

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