How to Write a Good Blog Post

Blogging is a great way to improve your SEO and create a personable link with your customers. But how do you write an effect post that engages your audience and aids your digital marketing?

Here are our tips for creating the perfect post for your brand.


1. Plan and Research

blogging2 Image Matters How to Write a Good Blog PostUnfortunately, you can’t avoid doing prep and research in the process of creating a good blog post. Discover what your audience wants to read, and write something that will answer their questions. Research highly googled questions so your post will be found easily and, thus, improve your SEO.

The research will also ensure that you know what you’re talking about and thus establish trust and loyalty between the customer and your business. Ensure that your content means that a customer will turn to your brand first when they need a service.


2. Consider the Headline

blogging3 Image Matters How to Write a Good Blog PostThe title of your post will be the first thing that intrigues your audience and encourages them to read on so it has to be attention grabbing.

Write your post first and then decide on a headline. This way the title won’t be clickbait-like or give false promises that will deter your readers from looking at your content in the future.


3. Use Images

blogging4 Image Matters How to Write a Good Blog PostConsider that you’re writing for the web and not for print. Most web readers expect images to break up lengthy text. Not only do images break up text but they make complex processes easier to understand. use diagrams, chart or infographics to better explain your points and aid your reader or potential customer.

Then, when promoting the content on social media, ensure that images or videos are used in the post in order to grab your reader’s attention.


4. Proofread

blogging6 Image Matters How to Write a Good Blog PostOnce you’ve written your post ensure that you thoroughly re-read your post so that you know it makes sense. Additionally, make sure that you’ve used keywords intermittently through the text to ensure that the SEO is good and your post will be found online.

Ensure that your post suits your reader. For example, if you are writing about web design for an audience that doesn’t have this as a full-time job consider using less jargon and alienating terms. Differently, don’t simplify your work too much. Blog posts should be entertaining but also informative so ensure that your reader can learn from, or take something from your post.


5. Circulate

blogging5 Image Matters How to Write a Good Blog PostNow you’ve finished, post about your content so readers can find it! Ensure that it is circulated on your socials or even take quotes or facts from your post and make separate social media updates about them. This way one post can become lots of separate pieces of content.




Overall, ensure that your posts are engaging, informative and entertaining, contributing something to the area you are writing about. If you need help writing content, then get in touch with our team here for more information.

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