How To Rank Higher on Google

Every business wants to improve their SEO so that they’re one of the first companies clients see online. But what easy tricks can you do right now to improve your Google ranking.

Here’s our quick guide to the top six things your brand can do to instantly improve your Google Search presence…


1. Optimise Your Meta Tags For Google

Begin by looking at what your customer sees when they Google you, without even clicking on your page. make sure that your meta description quickly describes what you do. Avoid repetition or using quotation marks as these won’t be picked up by Google and will take up valuable space. instead focus on catchy keywords for the meta description for each page to ensure that whatever your customer is searching for, they can easily find you.


2. Improve User Experience on Google

The more people visiting your page, and staying for longer on the site, the better your SEO will naturally be. This is because Google sees your site as a useful and active resource that customers are returning to and looking at more than your competitors.

Do this by looking at the framing of your site. Ensure that your copy is easy to read by using shorter paragraphs, key imagery and keeping copy in a ‘pyramid style’ format. this means putting the most valuable information right at the top.


3. Optimise For Google Voice Search

50% of all searches are now done via voice. This means that more and more of your customers are using voice search technology such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home to find the answers to their most commonly asked questions.

To make sure that voice customers can find you via voice search write some informative blog posts with questions as titles. Additionally, ensure that you have an all-encompassing FAQ list that answers commonly asked questions in your industry.


4. Optimise For Mobile

It’s also interesting to note that, 50% of searches are done on mobile. Therefore, if you don’t have a mobile optimised site Google won’t organically promote you, not even on a desktop search.

Check you site on mobile devices to ensure they load in minimal time and all content can be read effectively on a mobile device.


5. Create Content That Google Wants To Promote

I know we always say this but content really is king! Creating content such as social posts, blogs and videos will all immediately improve your SEO. the more links back to your site, ultimately the more Google will organically increase your site’s SEO.

Start by creating content that your customers are actually searching for. This could be blog posts that give step by step instructions for a common problem in your industry or a video on your latest products and how to use them. Keep in mind that longer form content equals a higher ranking so look to develop your blog posts so that they’re over 1,000 words.


6. Link Back To Your Site

The more links there are to your page from different sources, the more Google sees you as a valuable resource and promotes you on their site. Therefore, focus on building brand partnerships or creating blog and video posts that other sites use and link back to on their own site.

Google tracks how many times your company name is mentioned online, so work with other sites or directories to ensure that you are on as many relevant sites (for all the right reasons!) as possible.


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