How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Ideally, posts and content on social media will garner organic reach, propelling your brand onto a viral level before you even think about boosting a status. However, with the development of Facebook’s tricky algorithm is organic reach just a thing of the past?

Unfortunately, organic reach is much harder to achieve than it used to be, however by following these tips you can fight the algorithms in order to try to achieve as much organic reach on Facebook as possible.


1.Understand the algorithms for Organic Reach

algorithms Image Matters How to Increase Organic Reach on FacebookTo defeat the algorithms you must first understand them. Research more into timings and reach depending on which platform you use. However, here’s a very generalised guide to 3 things that can affect your algorithms;

– Recent – How recently was your post published?

– Relevant – How relevant is your post to your audience?

– Engagement – How many people have already engaged with your post and to past posts by liking, sharing etc.


2. Increase Organic Reach Via The Use Of Live Video

livevideo Image Matters How to Increase Organic Reach on FacebookGet involved with live video on Facebook Live as well as all live streaming on other platforms to improve your organic reach. Live videos get a lot of interaction, which your social media platform rewards you for with increased reach. Add a sense of personality to your brand by showing your team or upcoming events on live video with audience interaction.

Even better, reuse snippets of this video and publish it on social media as video content after the live broadcast has finished.



3. Use your customers’ talents

57% of customers say they have been persuaded to visit a restaurant based on User-Generated Content alone.  Your audience is one of your greatest assets, so repurpose their content and images on your own feed. This way they will stay loyal to your brand, increasing your organic growth as well as improving your organic reach.

We often see more engagement on UGC than the original post, as followers see this user as impartial and are therefore more likely to engage with a trustworthy account.


4. Unique Content

If you want your audience to build organically then create unique content for each platform you distribute on. Don’t distribute content that was optimised for Instagram on Facebook. Use tools that are network specific, e.g Facebook live or Twitter moments. These will add a different, interactive layer to your content on each platform.

For Facebook, experiment with stickers, video and images that will boost your content on the unique platform. This way unique content will give your followers another reason to support your business on all platforms, organically growing your reach.


5. Don’t be afraid to budget content

Although this blog post is all about how to achieve organic reach, that shouldn’t deter you from sponsoring or boosting posts on social media.

What paid content does that other types cannot is, that it allows you to target content effectively. Therefore, help your content marketing garner more attention by putting a small budget behind it. This target content to an audience you know will organically share the content with other interested parties.



Therefore, organic reach isn’t dead, you just have to think outside the box in order to achieve it. With these tips, your brand should increase its organic reach on Facebook, in order to improve brand awareness and content reach.

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