How To Create An Effective Video Marketing Campaign

If a photo is worth a thousand words then think about the potential video has. This month we’re delving into the world of video and its effect on digital marketing. But, firstly a brief history of video marketing.

Video is what it says on the tin. A forward-facing marketing strategy will engage with video in order to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

Video marketing can be good for building customer rapport, promoting your brand or highlighting new products. Alternatively, video marketing could be more outside the box, creating how-to videos that solve client problems or live-streaming events that get your brand noticed by new customers.


How Video Marketing Works

This can be very simple and a great way to promote your company. Video marketing can drive sales, raise awareness and engage you, customers. However, actually creating a video can be a lot more complicated in practice. Video marketing involves skill in both graphic design and data-driven analytics and customer engagement.


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So, How Do You Develop An Effective Video Marketing Strategy

So, you’ve decided to start creating and distributing video content. But, how do you actually ensure you create video campaigns that cost-effective as well as engaging after you spend time and money investing in good videos?



First, set aside a budget. Factor in buying good video equipment (if you’re going to create the series of videos yourself), editing software and a team to guide you through the process.


2. Focus on Storytelling

Brainstorm what you want to say and the aim of the video. Are you going to focus on brand awareness or a particular product you want to sell? Create a storyboard to plan out exactly what you’re going to say and make sure that all key points are covered.


3. Engage Your Audience

It’s all well and good creating a high-quality video marketing campaign, but if it’s not actually engaging and doesn’t hook your audience then the viewer won’t remember you or your brand. Ultimately, this means your video campaign hasn’t worked as customers won’t return to your brand when they need you most.


4. Short ‘n’ Sweet

Although there’s no limit to the amount of time a video can take up, keep in mind how long your audience will actually be engaged in the video marketing campaign. Be ruthless with your editing and cut out anything that seems too fluffy or deviates from your overall message. Our attention spans are short as viewers so get your message across as quickly as possible without annoying your audience.


5. Publish

Now, you’re ready o actually publish and distribute your video marketing campaign. Create a social media schedule and maybe even boost posts if you think the video works well.


6. Analyse

Finally, analyse and track metrics. The only way you’re going to know what you should do differently is to establish how well your last campaign did. Track engagement and set goals for each video marketing campaign. For example, maybe one video drives traffic to your site, whereas another increases sales of a particular product by X%


Overall, if created to a high enough standard video marketing can be a great way to increase your online presence and establish a consistent brand image. Remember to get in touch with our team if you’d like to explore the possibilities of video marketing for your own brand!

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