How To Boost Your SEO With Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making sure that you’re seen online. But how do you ensure that your website is seen before your competitors by potential customers? There are a few ways you can improve your SEO, from paid-for advertising to link building but have you ever considered the power your socials media has over your place in the search engine results?

Although social media doesn’t directly boost your SEO it can be used to increase web traffic and build audience growth.

Here are three ways social media can improve your SEO;

1. Social Media Builds Links


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The number one way that social media can actually help build your SEO has to be through its ability to build links back to your website. Promoting your website and content via social media linking can remind your customers to visit your website and that it is regularly updated.

This also builds up a conversation about your site on social media. Other people can’t link to your webpage if they don’t know the content’s there. Therefore, social media presents this new content to audiences and invites them to share and relink your content on social media.


2. It Increases Positive PR


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Social Media is a stage for you to properly introduce your brand to new customers. And, thus, get them to visit your website more often. Use social media to encourage your customers to talk about you online.

The fact of the matter is that the more people that talk about you online, the more Google sees you as an “entity” source. The context in which you engage with people online, and what they are actually saying about you can impact what you rank for on Google.

It is important to remember that this doesn’t necessarily increase how high you rank, but it does have an impact on what you rank for. In other words, this could be a way to increase your presence over that of your competitors. Your next customer could be searching for something that your keywords don’t cover, but your socials do.

Help increase positive mentions relating to your site via social media and build an audience of loyal fans.


3. Social Media Builds Relationships

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Your socials have the opportunity to build strategic relationships and potential partnerships that improves your overall website SEO.

It is increasingly difficult to reach your audience in an organic way. Therefore, fostering relationships via social media is essential to ensure that you get seen online. Your socials allow you to form different kinds of relationships.

One relationship is brand fans. this increases your exposure as you build positive mentions and supporters of your fans online. These types of relationships build people who are actively advocating your brand for free!

Another form of relationship is Organic Influencers. Unlike paid for influencers these build your brand in return of partnerships, free gifts and social promotion. Building up a relationship via socials with these types of influencers allows your brand to be presented in a trustworthy and authoritative way. Thus, your site gets more views and your brand has its very own ambassador.

The final type of brand relationship is strategic partnerships. These are partners that are non-competitive and can be businesses or influential people in your industry. Use these partnerships to share and co-create content that is perfect for both of your audiences and presents you both to new customers.


Therefore, if done effectively, social media can form a much longer-lasting connection with your customers. Thus, increasing your SEO. Consider your socials in your SEO strategy to ensure you are much better represented than your competitors.


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