How To Advertise On Twitter

We’ve previously spoken about social media advertising on Instagram and Facebook, but what if most of your audience engage with you on Twitter. Wherever the majority of your audience is, that’s where we recommend you put money behind your post.

When it comes to Twitter, however, there are three ways you can effectively advertise on the platform.


1. Advertise To Attract New Followers

The first form of advertising is done with the aim of attracting new followers to your Twitter account. This is great if you want to spread brand awareness or need more followers as you have a specific campaign coming up.

With this, your promoted tweets will appear in people’s timelines that don’t already follow you. They will also appear in a “Who To Follow” box on their home, profile and search page.

This form of advertising is great as you can target exactly who you want to see your page. You can even upload your email addresses to target people who may be subscribed to your email marketing list but don’t follow you on social media.

As with most social media advertising, you can also set a maximum amount you’re willing to spend on a particular ad campaign. This means that you won’t overspend and can see the ROI on your campaign.


2. Advertise To Drive Traffic And Conversions

These types of campaigns are used to drive traffic directly to your website and generate more specific leads and conversions.

With these, you can customise where your tweets appear to your targeted audience. With this type of ad, you need to already have specific tweets that you want to promote already written and posted. So choose ones that relate to a campaign and have a strong call-to-action. Or pause your ad search and start writing and posting some tweets that related directly to your new ad campaign.

Again, with these ads, you can target a particular type of audience and set a budget. Therefore, you’re never overspending on a campaign.


3. Generate And Capture Leads

This is a different type of campaign that allows people to opt-in with one click. In essence, the campaign creates leads and collects details once a new audience member clicks on your tweet.

Firstly, you choose the type of person you want to target based on their interests and previous clicks.

Then, once the new audience has clicked through Twitter collects their email addresses. So, now you have a better idea of the type of people that are interested in your brand and now you can target them further.


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