How Local Reviews Can Help Your Brand’s SEO

Positive online reviews and testimonials can have a great impact on your customers and SEO. 97% of your customers are looking online for positive reviews before making a big purchase. Furthermore, Google actually takes into account reviews when deciding your place in the search engine results.

So, if you’re looking to improve your SEO here are some things that Google takes into account when determining your place in its search based on your reviews.

1.Content Matters For SEO

The content of the review impacts your SEO. Now Google+ has gone Google My Business (GMB) and reviews on GMB are increasingly becoming a determining factor for SEO.

If your review contains keywords even better! Keywords such as “local” or your specific location give you a better chance of showing up in localised or “near me” searches.

2. Engagement

Engagement is equally as important on Google My Business as it is on social media. However, instead of likes you need customers to leave reviews and post questions on Google.

Not only will this improve your SEO but it will also have a positive impact on brand identity and how your customers see your business.

3. Reviews Mean Visibility

Reviews are also good for your business beyond just SEO purposes. Did you know, for example, that 50% of consumers pass up companies with less than a 4-star rating?

The better your reviews and ratings the more likely it is that customers will choose you over your competitors. much like word of mouth recommendations, reviews are testimonials, reasons for your customers to trust you and buy from you.

Overall, Google My Business and reviews are crucial for SEO and improving local presence. if you need help maintaining a Google My Business presence then get in touch with our team to talk about SEO improvements.


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