How do you Create an Effective Pinterest Business Account?

In our last post, we considered the importance of Pinterest based on its growth in recent years as a digital marketing channel. With the overwhelming advantages that the site provides for lifestyle brands, we’ve looked at Pinterest best practices.

So, here are our top tips for ensuring that your brand has an effective Pinterest account to best market your business.


1. Vertical Images

This may seem very minor but vertical images take up more space on a user’s screen. Hence, these images are much larger and stand out more to potential pinners.

The best size for Pinterest images? A vertical aspect ratio of 2:3 to around 1:3.5 with a minimum width of 600px!


2. Create High-Quality Content

Try to remember that every pin should be ‘attractive, actionable and encouraging’.  Once you’ve found good quality images and have links on all pins, promote some of your best ones. Follow Pinterest’s clear guidelines for promoted content to ensure that no campaigns are stopped.


3. Be Social Not Commercial

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site, not a broadcast service. So look to creating content that is pinned and interact with other pinners.

93% of Pinners admit that they use the site to make a purchasing decision, so you don’t need to try and convince potential customers to buy. Rather, show them what’s on offer via the use of good quality lifestyle images and then make it as easy as possible for them to make the purchase. This can be done via the use of good links back to your website with direct sales.


4. Enable Analytics

The only way you’ll improve your page is if you understand what works and learn from any mistakes. Like any other social media monitoring your pins via the use of analytics is integral to ensure long-term success and development.

Install Pinterest Analytics as soon as you can so you can understand where you could improve with your pinning strategy.


5. Keep to Schedule

Establish a pinning schedule. We recommend pinning at least once a day to maintain your presence. Find out your peak times and stick to them. We would suggest experimenting with evenings and weekends with some sprinkled throughout the day, to start with. With this, you should be able to determine when your audience is the most engaged.

If you need help improving your brand’s social media presence then get in touch with our team here.

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