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Are you a brand looking to audit and improve your digital presence and increase brand awareness? Then, we’re here to help with our free digital footprint review and bespoke digital marketing plans!

Most brands have a digital presence, maybe they post to their social media accounts or even create content for their audiences. However, how do you ensure your digital footprint is up to scratch?

Get in touch to request a FREE Digital Footprint Review to make sure!

We will analyse your social media, SEO and website presence. This will help us determine where your brand is succeeding, but also where you may be losing out on potential customers.

We’ll also give you a free takeaway report detailing how you can improve you digital presence. Or we can talk to you about how we can develop a marketing strategy even further for your brand. Whether that’s through targeted ads, hashtag strategies or curated content, we’re here to help. Can you believe that all of this advice is given to you for FREE!

Our Top Tips

So, how can brands quickly improve their digital presence?


We’ve found the main place where brands could improve their digital presence is with consistent uploads. The more you post on social media, the more your brand is seen by customers and thus your SEO will immediately improve. However, we understand when it comes to posting finding the time and coming up with engaging ideas is hard. This is where we can help. We offer a range of tiered packages that focus on improving brand awareness, SEO and customer loyalty through social media posting. With this we can take care of all your socials whilst you get to work doing what you do best.

Content Curation

Some brands are good at posting to social media. However, what they’re posting isn’t getting the type of engagement or results they want or need for their business. This is why we offer a range of content plans in order to create your brand as THE industry expert. We curate written, video and audio content that will ensure you are seen by the type of audience you need. Get in touch if you’re looking for a way to transform your digital presence through maintained and keyword focused content curation.


Finally, most brands are scared of using ads or aren’t targeting them effectively. Our team at image matters are experts at creating content that is promotional without scaring off your customers. We can run video ads, social media boosted posts or targeted Google Ads that improve your SEO and brand awareness. Get in touch if your brand needs advice creating targeted ads that actually work and draw in loyal customers.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re a business that needs no obligation advice on how to improve your social media or are looking for a way to outsource and consolidate your social media then get in touch to try our free digital footprint review.


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