Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Facebook 2019

Facebook is the original social media giant. From its inception in a student dorm room to purchasing Instagram and other social media platforms, Facebook has played a large part in building our current social media world. So, whether you work in marketing, own a business or use the social media site, here are twenty things you need to know about Facebook and why.


Five New Profiles Are Created Every Single Second

This means that your potential audience on the site is growing exponentially every second. Think about the kind of audience you can attract on the app and the content you can create to ensure people return to your page.


There Are Over 2.41 Billion Monthly Active Users On Facebook

Facebook is simply too big to ignore! If you want your brand to be in front of an increasingly growing audience then you need to start using the site in your marketing strategy. With this increasing amount of customers you also need to make sure your content stands out and gets people excited to return to your website or homepage.

Facebook’s Most Common Age Demographic Is Between 25-34

(Almost 30% of all users fall into this bracket)

You can’t optimise your content and social media performance without first understanding your audience. Segment your audience and content that related to them to ensure you have enough posts that target different audience members.


The Highest Level Of Traffic On Facebook Occurs Between 1 pm – 3 pm

If you’re looking at when to post start by trying these times. We would then suggest experimenting to see what time YOUR posts get the most engagement. Think carefully about your audience. If you are targeting teens then think about school times and holidays and post content at times you know they will be looking at social media!


76% Of Women Are Facebook Users, Compared To 66% Of Men

Facebook is evidently for all. However, users tend to lean slightly more on the female side. Think about what gender your brand attracts and if you could target a missing audience using your content.

There Are 3.57 Degrees Of Separation Between All Of Facebook’s Considerable User Base

This means that your account is never more than 3.57 degrees of separation away from anyone else on the platform. Connections and sharing are everything on this social media site. If your content gets shared then it goes to all of that person’s friends as well. You could easily double your audience just through a few shares. Therefore, make your content shareable!


The Average Number Of Friends Is 338

However, only 28%of those are considered to be actual friends!

Again, the site is about connections. But what does this mean for your brand’s marketing strategy? Well, think carefully about how your audience act online, what they’ll share and the viral nature of your content to get the most eyes on your page!


There Are An Estimated 83 Million Fake Profiles On Facebook

This means that when it comes to your social media quality outweighs quantity. Don’t create content for the masses, instead think about creating content for audiences you know will engage with it!


300 Million Images Are Uploaded To Facebook On Average Every Single Day

So, you’ve got to make sure you stand out. Yes, there is a massive audience for your brand on Facebook, but with this amount of people, it also means that there is A LOT of competition! make sure you stand out with free resources, good content and problem-solving techniques for your audience.


There Are 1.74 Billion Monthly Active Facebook Mobile Users

Much like with websites your social media content should consider where your client is viewing your content. Think about creating videos that fit onto small screens for social media sharing and creating content that is mobile friendly.

Mobile Advertising Accounts For 94% Of Facebook’s Advertising Income

Ads are a massive moneymaker for the site. Unfortunately, organic reach for business accounts is almost non-existent. This means that you need to have a budget spend on social media in order to get seen.

26.3% of the entire online population use Facebook regularly

What other print publication or digital platform can give you access to this many people? Invest in social media to see a greater ROI on your marketing strategy.


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