Email Marketing: How To Create The Perfect Subject Line

Do you want to improve your email marketing open rates? The reason as to whether or not an email is opened, or piques interest from a customer, is often down to the subject line used. Does your subject line give customers a reason to open your email or get them wondering what’s inside? Or, does the subject line actually cause them to disregard the email or even mark it as spam. For example, did you know that 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line?!

Here’s how to create the perfect subject line for your next marketing campaign.


1. Personalised Subject Lines

Emails that are personalised to include recipient names are 22% more likely to be opened. Add the recipient’s name to the subject header. Alternatively, send out emails to wish them a Happy Birthday with a discount code or free download, as if these are done correctly, they can increase open rates and build brand loyalty.





2. Use A/B Testing

Test out your subject lines using A/B Testing to see which works better. Also, increase your list segmentation so that you avoid skewed results when you send these tests out. With these tests ensure that there are only minor differences in the subject headers so you can clearly see what part of the header ensured that the email was opened, and the style you should be using in future campaigns.




3. Ensure You Use Words that Work

Need a fool-proof way of ensuring increased open rates? Why not try pairing some of these instructional terms with a colon in your subject line to increase open rates by 80%…

  • Congratulations:
  • Please Read:
  • Time To ___:
  • Reminder:
  • Announcing:
  • Alert:
  • Last Day To Enter:





4. Use Characters

In an inbox, you want to make sure that your email gets noticed amongst any spam. Therefore, use pound signs, ellipsis or exclamation points. Not all at the same time mind! These will build anticipation and make sure that your email stands out. 46% of our most opened and clicked subject lines had one exclamation point! Any more, you’ll come across as cheesy and be marked as spam.


5. Use Emojis Wisely

Emojis can be a great way to add personality to emails. However, you have to use them wisely. Don’t overdo it. One festive emoji every once in a while is fine, but make sure that all emojis relate to your brand. For example, use a Christmas tree if seasonal, or a calendar emoji if a countdown.

Finally, with emojis make sure that they work on lots of different technologies and machines. You don’t want your customer to receive a black box instead of a fun emoji.




So, try out these top tips in your next marketing email and see what works. Soon your open rate will increase as more and more customers are excited to receive and read your emails!

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