Eggscellent Easter Marketing Campaigns

If your brand isn’t a chocolate shop or card seller you may think that there’s no use in posting seasonal Easter content. However, here are some great examples of brands who’ve embraced the holiday. These brands have created content that showed off their personality online!

1. Recall’s Digital Easter Egg Hunt

Recall Studios stuck to their digital background for their Easter marketing campaign. They developed an Augmented Reality mobile app, allowing users to “hide” photos of their family, 3D animals and objects around their house. Children could then use the augmented reality app to find these treats from the comfort of their own home. Thus, it’s like futuristic Easter Egg hunt!

The campaign is set to be a success as it allows families to play together with an interactive game that gets them off the couch.

2. Co-op’s Good Egg Eggsperiment

In 2016 the Co-op announced they were on the hunt for all the good eggs out there. They uploaded videos of people having a hard time and how members of the public came to their rescue. One even involved a man trying to eat a co-op sandwich, with two plaster cast arms! Because of this, the video series got a great reaction on social media as people tagged their friends and shared stories of good deeds that they’d seen.

This increased brand awareness for the Coop as well as spreading positive PR for the company. A true feel-good campaign!

3. Personal Creations Easter Email Marketing

The company sent out a series of animated email marketing newsletters along the Easter theme. Not only was the email cute, pastel-coloured and Easter themed, but the copy and offers also matched this.

This bought out the company’s fun personable side whilst also being informative for customers.

4. Diesel’s Digital Easter Egg Video

However, remember Easter campaigns don’t have to be all about chocolate! Diesel released a video called “Keep the World Flawed” as part of one Easter campaign. The video focused on the flaws we have as people, and how we should embrace them and learn from them. The video was so well received as it also had an interactive element to it. An aspect of the campaign was for viewers to find digital easter eggs that would explain the video further, or lead to additional “secret” content. Frames were hidden with web addresses and social media handles. One of these handles was @wantedsocks and account that sold mismatched Diesel socks.

Not only was the campaign engaging and intelligent it had a theme, of embracing flaws and used digital easter eggs to get their customers involved with the campaign and accept these flaws!

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