Do I need to Invest in PPC Advertising?

If you’re a business looking to improve your SEO and ensure more and more customers visit your website, PPC can be a great addition to your marketing strategy.

PPC, or pay-per-click, is all about getting your website to the top of the search results, ahead of any competition. But, if you feel as though your SEO is already great is PPC worth the investment?

Firstly, to decide whether you are going to start a PPC campaign, first consider if you used it before, and how successful it was.

If you’ve already done a campaign why did you stop? Here a few reasons your PPC campaign may fail…

1.No SEO

Although PPC can help your SEO you shouldn’t rely entirely on PPC to create an online presence. For instance, did you have the SEO foundations that meant that your PPC added that extra sense of engagement?

PPC is a great add-on, to improve your SEO, not curate it. Therefore, consider PPC once you have an effective website and consistent web traffic from social media. This way no customers are lost on the journey through your website and the PPC investment doesn’t go to waste.

2. Was Your Message Strong Enough?

Another reason why PPC can fail could be due to the actual message you were promoting, Was it an enticing discount, or a great reason to visit the site?

Compelling messages will mean higher click-throughs for your ad. Did you tweak your message or your landing pages to ensure that the customers that are clicking through get relevant and actionable information? Look further into your landing page before ending a PPC campaign as it could be a problem this end.



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On the other hand, if you’re new to paid advertising and want to give it a shot then there are some points to consider…

1.Cost and Return

Before starting a campaign consider your budget and how this will affect the returns on the campaign. The cost of a PPC campaign can change dramatically as your competitors try to outbid you on the top search result spot. Therefore, it’s important to “shop around” when it comes to keywords and agree on a budget before getting caught up in outbidding competitors.

2. FULL digital presence

Before you start a campaign also ensure that your whole digital presence is ready to take on new visitors. For example, if your site doesn’t work or doesn’t have your contact details on it, why drive traffic there. This will result in a failed campaign and a waste of money. Ensure that everything is up to date and ready for new customers, with as much information for them to make an informed decision as possible.


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