Do I need Instagram as a Business?

Many of us think as Instagram as a place for selfies, pictures of walks in the woods and food, not and not a place for a professional finance company. However, with over 95 million photos and video uploaded every day this is a huge potential customer base for your brand.

So, as a financial or advice company with B2B and B2C audience bases how can you use Instagram to further market your brand?


1. Instagram Allows you to Illustrate that you’re a Part of the Community

Most finance companies have volunteering days and participate in events to help their local community. Show your customers what your valuable employees have been up to Instagram.

Make this a monthly or weekly segment to highlight how your business is interested in more than money. Your brand also looks after the community and its people.


2. If Used Correctly Instagram Hashtags can Expand Your Audience Base!

Many businesses and finance companies use Instagram, however, when it comes to hashtags they ignore them or overuse them. As a company promising professionalism and expertise, you have to reflect this in your social media presence.

Use specific hashtags that won’t get lost. Maybe even create your own hashtag as part of a campaign or to allow your clients and followers to join in the conversation with you. This means that new clients can easily find you, but also will probably stumble across you, without you having to do lots of work to gain their custom!


3. Instagram Creates Positive PR

Make sure your Instagram reflects the positive impact you have on your employees and community.

Post pictures of your employees getting involved in charity and sports events. This will build a friendly and approachable personality behind your brand.


4. It Allows You to Inspire Your Audience

You don’t have to be an exciting image-based company to post regularly on Instagram. Post branded quotes or facts that your audience may find interesting and inspiring instead.

If you’re a bank why not try a mini-series of videos and branded posts with tips on how young people can manage their money? Remember, if you help and engage your audience they are more likely to come back to use your services in the future!


Overall, therefore, just because you’re a professional business doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional media outputs. Invest time and effort into carefully considered and professional Instagram campaigns. This will add personality to your brand, increase your SEO and boost engagement. Thus, in the long run, your clients will come to trust your company as a professional yet friendly outfit, who puts their money to good use in the community.

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