What is Lead Scoring and How Can It Help Your Brand?

May 10, 2019


Lead Scoring is a term that often batted about in marketing, but how could it help better target your brand?

So, what is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is an automated process that was created to avoid sales teams wasting time in determining which leads are quanitifiable and which aren’t. You assign scores to leads based on various factors. This becomes automated once you’ve set this up.

The point system sets values to the actions taken by the person visting the site. For example, clicking on the site is one point, downloading a brochure or pricing form is ten points in comparison.

This lead scoring is important as it allows the marketing team to do what it does best, analyse the data, and pass on to the sales team only the leads they know are genuinely interested in the product or brand. Marketing can then create content based on gathering these leads and nurture them until they’re ready for the sales team.

If your business relies on sales (who doesn’t really) then this is a great technique that your marketing team can employ to streamline the sales process.

The following are some examples of factors to consider when defining lead scoring.

  • What links the lead clicked
  • How long they viewed each page
  • Did they click on more than one page?
  • Did they download any content?
  • Are they frequently visiting testimonials or case-studies?
  • Do they opt-in to your email list?
  • Are they engaging socially by liking, commenting or sharing content?

Remember: Lead Scoring can also have negative points. For example, if you know that an email address sign up ending in @aol.com is usually fake then you can set up in your lead Scoring system, to take a point away from a lead. This means that you know that the leads you collect are all correct and substantial.

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